Rush & Splint Seating

I am a custom woodworker and typically do custom finishes. I favour a hand-rubbed oil applied over a water stain as this is the closest thing to a natural wood finish. There are no stock colours; rather each chair is finished to the client’s specifications.

The rush or splint seating materials used in my Urban Country Chairs are fine examples of traditional
chair seating materials. The rush forms a diamond pattern; the fibre splint is woven in a checkerboard pattern. Both these materials are carefully hand-woven onto the frame, giving the finished chair an authentic appeal.

The Urban Country Chair is equally at home in the city or the country — around a dining room table,
as an occasional chair in the family room or bedroom, or in the sun room or screened-in porch. 

Chair Design No. 1 Dimensions: Height - 31"   Width - 21 1/2"   Depth - 21"

Chair Design No. 2 Dimensions: Height - 18”   Width - 22 1/2”   Depth - 21”   

Seating Material: fibre splint (paper product)

Finish: I generally favour hand-rubbed natural oil finishes over water stain.  
However, custom finishes to your specifications are available.