Mid-Century Modern Furniture Design

The design for the Urban Country Chairs has evolved over my 40 years as a chair maker and furniture designer in Toronto and Collingwood. While my earlier chair designs were more traditional, these new chair combine the time-honoured craftsmanship methods I have always used with a more contemporary look. The Urban Country Chairs incorporate the clean and open lines of mid-century modern furniture design while maintaining the familiar elegance of older chair designs. The result are elegant yet sturdy chairs that are at the same time lightweight and comfortable. Their bentwood frames, made from single pieces of oak, and the appealing weave of the fibre splint seating, sets these chairs apart from others, making them a unique and appealing addition to any city or country setting.

We at Urban Country Chair are familiar with the designs that are appalling and create an aura at home. The company is into manufacturing country chairs for over forty years and the designs will leave you speechless. Whether it is your countryside estate, a home at the lakeside or a contemporary studio apartment, we are right there to offer the help you need. Right from the moment you walk indoors, the Bentwood Armchairs that are designed by us will captivate your senses. The variety and versatility of the country chairs have taken people by storm. We have been designing chairs for a long time and Handcrafted Chairs have decorated the rooms and have added glory to comfort.

Designing comfortable chairs

For clients who are keen to create the most appealing effect at home, using designer chairs of our company is a revolutionary approach in itself. The Mid Century Armchairs reflect the personality of a homeowner and enhance the aesthetic aspects of every room. No matter what the requirements of the clients are our mission is to fulfill the objectives with newly designed chairs that are durable in every respect. When it comes to the idea of adding a touch of elegance in the living room, the designs of the armchairs create an enduring pattern and the style is timeless. You can check the designs of the chairs that we offer to the customers and be prepared to crazy with the styles that make your room look different.

Relying on us

Although Urban Country Chairare one of the most celebrated designers of Mid Century Modern Chairs Toronto customers prefer relying on us for customized chairs but the products are durable. Designed to last for years the guarantee which we offer with the products differentiate us from the competitors. The diverse products and brands of chairs that we manufacture have popularized our business and allowed us climb the pinnacle of success within a very short time. Come and enjoy the celebration of lifestyle wih us.